Company Secretarial Service

The Firm provides a comprehensive range of company secretarial services.

In addition to incorporation of Hong Kong companies, the Firm maintains corporate records and attends to the preparation and filing of annual returns and other documents for companies incorporated in Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Bermuda and other jurisdictions. We offer comprehensive and tailor-made corporate/company secretarial services as follows:


I. Incorporation of Company
   Hong Kong companies and offshore companies are incorporated for different reasons.

   Some of the reasons are:

•  Fund raising and financing
   Limited companies are favorable vehicles through which venture capital firms and

   investors make their investments/inject funding

•  Initial Public Offer
   Offshore companies are the predominant holding vehicles for listing on the main board

   and GEM board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange


•  Tax consideration

   The  comparatively  low flat tax  rate on profits and low personal  salary tax rates  have  encouraged

   dynamic growth in local, regional and international business centered around Hong Kong. In many

   offshore jurisdictions, at this moment, there is no levy of profits tax on corporations


•  Foreign exchange control
   There is no foreign exchange control in Hong Kong and in many offshore jurisdictions


•  Confidentiality/Anonymity

   In Hong  Kong  and  in  some  offshore  jurisdictions, it  is  legal  to  have  nominee  shareholders/

  directors, which means the identity of shareholders/ directors could be kept confidential. In  some

  offshore jurisdictions, it is even possible to issue bearer shares to shareholders whose identities will

  not be disclosed


II.  Company Secretarial Services:


•  Acting as company secretary

•  Provision of registered office (for Hong Kong limited company)


Reasons for using a law firm to provide the above services

Our law firm can provide the above services in a professional, timely and comprehensive manner.

In the provision of our corporate/company secretarial services, our qualified solicitors shall provide incidental advices on the following issues when they are relevant:

•  Corporate reorganization for the purpose of debt and group restructuring

•  Setting up of a trust

•  General advice on commercial matters