Employment Law

Alvan Liu & Partners advise clients on a routine basis concerning employment related issues. Our clients, in this area of law, include construction companies, restaurants, insurance brokers, consultancy services providers, trading companies and individual employees.


When to seek legal advice

You may need legal advice on employment issues in many different circumstances including the following:


•  Drafting of service contracts to deal with restrictive covenants, issues on confidentiality,

    intellectual property rights, specific duties, etc.

•  Acquisition of a company or business with existing employees

•  When there is an employment dispute

•  When you want advice on a director’s liabilities as an officer of the company

•  When an employer desires to negotiate with the employees on variation of the

    employment agreements


Foreign Domestic Helpers

We have been appointed the legal advisor of 2 associations of employment agencies. We have issued newsletters on the employment and immigration laws concerning employment of foreign domestic helpers from time to time.